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Cartel Brewing & Blending is a Nano Brewery and Beer Café located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Our focus is quality small batch beers that express a blend of timeless traditional styles with recipes that reflect our craft beer ideology.

In addition to offering a diverse variety of high quality beer styles that hold their own on the tap list, we also offer a unique and tailored craft beer experience through blending.

Craft brewing has highlighted is the overwhelming amount of options that are available, allowing nearly anyone to find something they enjoy.

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The possibilities are endless when you merge craft beer with made-to-order personalization.

Let’s say at any given time we offered several single hop IPAs where everything about the recipe is identical, except the hop that is used. You would have several IPAs that are great on their own, but could be blended at the taps to create entirely different flavors through the unique hop characteristics within each beer.

Enjoy fruited sours? We offer a refreshing Gose or Berliner Weisse with the option of infusing a variety of rotating fresh fruit blends on tap. How about a rich and roasty Stout or Porter? As is, in its purest form, or add a shot of espresso? Vanilla? Coconut? All three? You get the idea.

We currently offer a balance of in house crafted beers of all styles and flavor infusions, mostly blended at the egging stage. We plan to expand the concept of at the tap blending over time.

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Barrel Aging

With a long time passion for the development of recipes designed for short and long-term aging in a variety of spirit barrels, we certainly want to build this process into our brewery model. As we continue to develop our brewing space, we will begin to explore a small barrel-aging program focused primarily on robust and higher gravity beer styles that push the boundaries of complimentary flavor infusion and blending.