Maiden    American Porter    7.2% abv
A smooth and roasty representation of this classic style that flirts with the line by its dry to medium body. A balance of dark roasted and caramel malts with an approachably restrained bitterness imparted by the use of a single hop varietal. Aroma and flavors of chocolate, caramel and dark roasted coffee
  Maiden (Coconut Coffee)    American Porter    7.2% abv
Our signature American Porter, infused with a balanced blend of coffee and coconut
  Whispers in the Dark    Milk Stout    5.6% abv
A classic Milk Stout brewed simplistically with pale malt and a healthy portion of caramel and chocolate malts. Contains lactose sugar.
  Mug Club    Cream Ale    4.7% abv
A smooth and creamy palate experience, delivered via a balanced and simplistic grist bill, mashed slightly warmer to add body and texture and a creamy sweetness imparted by the use of flaked maize. Flavors of pale malt, corn flakes cereal and honey.
  Simulation    American Pale Ale    5.6% abv
A more traditional styled American Pale Ale, clean yet a soft and smooth drinker. Tropical and grassy notes imparted by Mosaic and Simcoe hops
  Drop Zone    Double IPA    8.0% abv
A simple balance of pale malt and malted wheat, charged with heavy kettle and dry hop additions. Smooth and citrus up front with a tropical hop resin finish.
  Flight Mode    Double IPA    8.0% abv
A simple canvas of pale malt combined with both flaked and malted oats allows us to feature the classic yet multidimensional hop, Falconers Flight. This analog beer invites you to take a break from technology and allow you mind to wander.
  Cold Pressed Sunshine (Lemon, Ginger)    Hefe    5% abv
A balance of pilsner and white wheat with a touch of rye malt. The weiss yeast imparts classic hefe aromas and flavors of clove, honey, and a hint of black pepper. This variant is conditioned on fresh cold pressed ginger and lemon juice.
  Breakfast in the Dark    Milk Stout    5.6% abv
A rich and creamy milk stout, brewed with generous amounts of chocolate and caramel malts, conditioned on espresso and dark maple syrup.